About me

My name is Andra Anastasiu and I am currently a student at University of Stirling, Scotland, doing a master in Strategic Public Relations and Communication Management.

Previously, I did my Undergraduate studies in International Business, so you might think how I ended up doing Public Relations. Basically, because I did some volunteering work in Press Relations and I enjoyed it, and because at this point I don't find appropriate for me spending my career concerning about market shares, international finance and everything else related to business.

Besides being a student, I spend my spare time doing photography, going to gigs, travelling inside UK (the advantages of studying abroad :P) and currently talking with my family and friends back home, as every abroad student. Oh, and I almost forgot...I returned to my first love, fencing (thanks to Uni club). Too bad that I am a smoker, and my physical condition is not as good as it used to be.

As what concerns this blog, I started it as part of the module 'PR and Digital Media'. I am not a huge fan of new media, social media or whatever you call this (maybe because I dont't know about everything it involves) and even my professor asked me why I chose this module. Well, because I am aware of its growing importance, even though there are a lot of downsides on which I agree. And as a PR practitioner, it's more and more important to know how to deal with it. Hopefully, after this module I will understand it better and maybe grow to love it...lol, not the last part; even a social media produser (I think more producer than user) told me once: 'Between keyboard and pub, you always choose the pub and use the keyboard to go to the pub'. He was scottish - don't know if that adds a bias to the statement :)). And nice person.

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