Thursday, 6 May 2010

Twitter lagger

I’m not entirely sure why I didn’t develop a romance with Twitter. We were supposed to open an account on Twitter for this module and…use it. So I did open an account. And everything looked so…empty :)) And it still is. Until now I only have 15 followers. Is not surprising, as I tweeted only about my new posts on the blog.

Hmm…so I said…Twitter let’s give us another chance, because apparently people are crazy about you. I just went on twitter and started finding people, looking at followers of followed people, etc. And I found out something interesting wrote by someone…that starting this month the life insurances protect you against thermo-nuclear cataclysm or an asteroid attack. I don’t know if it’s only in Romania, as the post was written by a Romanian. I’m a little paranoid usually and the first think that came in my mind was…do they know something? :)))) But then I thought again…aahhmm, and how is this insurance supposed to protect you from these? Ok, so the money goes to the people on the other side of the Earth, which was not affected by the asteroid? And what money? I believe in such case the whole economic stability joins the people hit by the asteroid go…in death! So all these thoughts intrigued me and I told myself…hmm, maybe I have no idea what it is about after all. So I wanted to send a direct message to that person to ask where he found out from about this. But what I realized is that I cannot send him a message because apparently, he’s not following me. So, Twitter disappointed me. I couldn’t get in touch with someone of whom post I wanted to find out more about. Well, I could, but only if I wrote @user and tweet. But what if I don’t want my followers to see what I want to write to that someone?

And the fact that you can write only up to 140 characters…in this case, for me the information was incomplete. Maybe he didn’t tweet ‘right’, as he didn’t add any links. Ok, I know people have links to blogs, websites, bla bla. But I’m just saying that if I used only Twitter, I wouldn’t be able to get in touch with that person. On Facebook you can send a message to someone, even if you are not friends with them.

So, what I can say is that twitter is just a channel to share your links to other sources of information, and in public relations is the same case. But for example, I personally use Google reader to get updated information from sites, blogs etc.

At a personal level, I prefer Facebook. Maybe because it is more interactive. On Facebook I can share more with my friends, like photos, which I believe are more important taking into consideration the fact that I am abroad. I can join groups of different interests; see a video directly on Facebook, which is not possible on Twitter. Every link opens a new window or tab. On Google Reader I can see everything in one place and go on the source website only if I really want to.

So I couldn’t find major advantages of Twitter for me…at the moment. What can I say…I am a Twitter lagger.

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